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‘Qi’ means vital energy or life force; and ‘gong’, meaning work or potency acquired through practice. Medical Healing Qigong develops one’s healing power for health and healing in self and others. Group practice is encouraged. Daily practice is essential to bring about healing and to prevent diseases.

Contemporary Chinese scientists have demonstrated and verified the existence of qi energy with sensitive instruments and it’s effects on plant growth and human cell activities. Studies and research conducted in China indicate the effectiveness of Medical Healing Qigong, and when combining external Qi energy therapy and Medical Healing Qigong exercises, it is able to bring cancer patients into long-term remission as well as healing various chronic diseases, as the focus of treatment is on the root cause of toxic and negative energies (emotional, mental, and stress) and energy imbalances.

Because of the health benefits and effectiveness in healing illnesses, Medical Healing Qigong is practiced by millions in China and is used as standard treatment techniques in hospitals and clinics in China. Medical Healing Qigong is commonly used with cancer patients to counter the negative side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and is a primary therapy for alternative healing modalities. Medical Healing Qigong treatment is low cost, does not use drugs or expensive equipment. Many patients recover quickly, thus eliminating unnecessary anguish and discomfort. In order to maintain good health, the human cells require proper nutritional, chemical, energetic and genetic components for optimum cellular integrity and function. If any of these are out of balance, human health will deteriorate and symptoms will develop physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The conventional physical medical approach will not cure an illness caused by energetic imbalance, though it may provide short-term symptomatic relief, hence, the disease will tend to recur and become chronic, requiring on-going medical attention. For this reason, the allopathic and energetic medicines can work in harmony and complement each other to bring about the most effective lasting relief and successful healing to many illnesses.

From the Traditional Chinese Medical point of view, sickness results from a slowed-down or blocked energy and lack of equilibrium. It brings about a chain reaction, known as symptoms and produces numerous health problems. Scientific research from China verifies that Medical Healing Qigong indeed promotes health, boosts the immune system, enhances circulation and reduces stress, delays aging, cures diseases and often extends life when all else has failed. Today scientists, especially Quantum Physics, begin to realize the universe and the human body are filled with an immense amount of intangible vibratory energies and forces. The basic reason is that energetic self-healing through practice and focused treatments can bring the body into a state of energetic balance and self-regulation.

Benefits of Medical Healing Qigong

Medical Healing Qigong practice unblocks and balances energy, and Medical Healing Qigong therapy treatments work to emit external qi energy into the body to disperse qi energy blockages, such as around injuries and areas affected by illness.

Prevention of illness and increased wellness.

Increased vitality, memory and immunity.

Relief of physical diseases, particularly chronic disease and chronic pain.

Relief of emotional and mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, addictions, fear, anger, violence, frustration and loneliness.

After practicing in a relaxed physical and mental state, qi energy will flow freely, open blockages, move away stagnant qi energy and balance the entire qi energy system to achieve healing and other health benefits.


by dispersing toxic and negative qi energies.

by balancing and resorting qi energy harmonies

by eliminating qi energy blockages or congestions.

Illness Prevention: Frequently, qi energy disharmony appears long before symptoms appear. Medical Healing Qigong practice effectively re-balances the qi energy system so that subsequent illness and symptoms will not occur. Healing Illness and Disease: Medical Healing Qigong expels the body’s unhealthy qi energies which are the primary cause of pain, illness and bodily discomfort. Pain and illness are signs that the body is out of balance in one or more of its systems. Once the body’s qi energy system becomes balanced, health will be restored. Health Promotion: Medical Healing Qigong cultivates a strong and free flow of qi energy to promote vibrant health and longevity. Medical Healing Qigong is a preventative and healing medicine aimed at re-establishing a proper equilibrium of the qi energy system in the body.

If you suffer pain in any of the following areas or ailments, no matter how severe, chronic or acute, there is good news for you...these are but a few of the conditions Master Kwan has successfully treated and taught others to treat for themselves:

Head Injuries/Neurological disorders (Coma, Migraine Headache, Stress Disorders)

Accidents (broken bones/disc protrusion, fractures, sports injuries, muscle tissues-superficial & deep)

Sprains (neck, shoulders, hips, back, limbs, carpel tunnel)

Arthritis, Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, Frozen Shoulder, Osteoporosis

Cancer (various forms and side effects, including Chemotherapy)

Nerves (trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, vasculitis)

Internal Disorders (lungs, liver, gall-bladder, intestinal, kidney, stones)

It is noteworthy that Qigong therapeutic treatment (called External Qi Healing) is excellent therapy for the same range of problems as acupuncture. It is very effective in removing pain, shrinking infections and swellings, killing cancerous cells, combating arthritis, releasing muscular tension, improving skin tone, stopping bleeding, strengthening the immune system and renewing vitality. Compared to acupuncture patients, those treated by External Qi Healing have less frequency of disease recurrence. Tests found in rats subjected to painful electric stimulus receiving Qi projection treatment, found that pain was significantly reduced. Naloxone (an endorphin blocker) only partially blocks this healing effect. This shows that endorphins are not the primary source of pain reduction. It is quite compelling that the effect of Qi on health and pain is also found in contemporary Chinese cancer research. Medical Qigong is commonly used to counter the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. It is also the primary therapy for advanced, inoperable and medically untreatable cancers, as it can ameliorate pain and other symptoms, slow the progress of disease and even result in long-term remission.

It will relieve physical diseases and pain, prevent illnesses and bring about wellness.

It will relieve energy diseases such as chronic fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, poor memory, low vitality, weak immune system etc.

It will relieve emotional and mental diseases such as depression, menopause, anxiety, fear, anger, grief, violence, addictions etc.

It will reduce health costs by shortening patients' stay in the hospital as they recover more quickly, and will be less dependent on the use of drugs and medical services.

Medical Qigong will allow more patients to be treated in the hospital within the same period of time, as the patient turn around time is shortened, thus it will gradually reduce the number of patients on waiting lists.

Medical Qigong is a highly-effective complement to any health plan.

A Medical Qigong department in the hospitals will help patients recover quickly, shorten stays in the hospital by days, and will use less drugs. It is also beneficial for surgical patients to be given therapeutic Qi boosts prior to and after surgery to stimulate the patient's natural healing potentials for a speedy and quick recovery.

Medical Qigong is responsible for a multitude of health benefits, including illness prevention, health promotion, healing and significant medical cost reduction. These benefits are just too large and too powerful for allopathic or western medicine and the public to ignore.

Summary of Medical Qi Gong

Is truly a preventative 'medicine'

Heals by eliminating the root cause of Qi disharmony found in most diseases with a subsequent relief of symptoms

Focuses on holistic healing of the body, mind and spirit, and puts the patient actively in control of his or her own health

Has no side effects and, compared to Western medicine, costs very little

For thousands of years, Medical Qi Gong has successfully cured many serious diseases by manipulating the body's energy in very specific ways.

Can be practiced at any age, sitting, standing or supine positions. (Physical or mental disabilities do not prevent healing or exercising ability)

Medical Qigong therapeutic treatments and exercise practices will:

Actively restore the body function by harmonizing Qi and detoxifying the entire body system of chemical and emotional Qi-impurities;

Provide active ways to accelerate the body's natural healing and regeneration;

Open the door for holistic healing and integration of the body, mind and spirit;

Offer preventive healing by widening and maturing the meridians for strong and smooth Qi flow, thus maintaining life at the level of 'super health'.

Medical Qi Gong's healing powers can assist recovery at amazing efficacy

Cancer, Allergies, High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Hypo-Thyroid, Diabetes, Pain (acute & chronic), Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Trauma & sports injury, Fractures, Migraine, Paralysis, Congestive heart failure, Immune disorder, Stroke, Heartburn, Joint inflammation, Arthritis, rheumatism, Eczema, Asthma, Viral & bacterial infection, COPD, emphysema, Angina, Hepatitis, Constipation, diarrhea, colitis, irritated bowel syndrome, Diseases of the stomach, intestine, liver, heart, lung, throat, nose, eyes, head, kidney, bladder, Psychological disorders such as stress, menopause, depression, anxiety, fear, and grief.

Healing Qigong Treatments

Trained Healing Qigong practitioners project Qi directly into the patient's energy system to treat diseases of the human mind, body and spirit by purging any Qi excess or ill Qi, smoothing channels and clearing Qi blockages that are negatively affecting the body, and to energize Qi deficiencies or weakness, and to re-balance the entire energy system, thereby restoring normal health. Qigong healing treatments have gained in credibility and respect because they are capable of being measured and tested scientifically. These practitioners utilize Healing Qigong exercises to help them harness high energy and to raise the vibration level of Qi that they use to help patients.

Since 1982, Healing Qigong healing became a standard treatment technique used in hospitals and clinics in China. It is the most powerful healing melody that has great penetrating ability; it also sustains a longer and lasting effect. During the course of treatment, an emotional release of sadness, anger or fear may take place, often in the form of shaking, crying or laughter. These are normal reactions that help to reinstate the necessary balance of the physical, energetic and informational systems. Indeed, there are people who possess the gift of sensing or seeing the reaction of Qi taking place inside the body during Qigong or energy healing treatment. This gift is inherited from birth or developed through Qigong practices or energy cultivation. Follow-up Qigong exercise practice is essential to shorten treatment and recovery time and to maintain the balance necessary for good health. Virtually, everyone can benefit from Qigong healing treatment. The rate of healing is dependent on a number of factors, such as the client's attitude towards receiving treatment and towards getting well, the condition of diseases (acute or chronic), the stage of illness reached, and the competence level of the healer.


Mainstream medicine pays little or no attention to illness prevention. It is a physical medicine that responds to treating symptoms on the physical and emotional levels, not on the energetic level. Unfortunately, simply by using mechanical and technical approach to healing, it is inadequate and ineffective with majority of the diseases whose source problem is energy disruption or disharmony on the body's energy systems. These diseases have been treated effectively and successfully by the energetic medicine, such as Chinese medicine and Qigong, that specialize in correcting energy imbalances. The results are too powerful to be ignored by allopathic medicine. Qigong healing and energetic medicine must be recognized and integrated with mainstream medicine for the benefit of humanity. Unfortunately, most people often use energy healing as the last resort, rather than the first choice. Healing Qigong can be part of everyone's daily activities, and could be a natural way to maintain health, energy and vitality.

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