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By Ming Kit Kwan, 2014

Life-force energy (which the Chinese call Qi) is the basic force that is contained in all life forms (human, animals and nature) and is required to sustain life. Everyone has it. With training, anyone can see it. Science can measure Qi, and even photograph it. Mystics have talked about this life force energy for centuries. Artists have depicted it, healers have used it and we have all felt it. In the universe, the transformation of energy is constantly at work. Within our bodies, we absorb Qi from people, the sun, ingested food, water, the surrounding environment and other elements.

This life force or Qi fills our bodies and is literally in every cell of the body. It may be strong or weak depending on how we manage to supply and nourish it. It also rules our life span and determines our personality, our passions and emotions. It also dominates our entire life from birth to death and in sickness and health. We can both send and receive Qi from one individual to another to effect biophysical changes. The effects are the same regardless of any belief (or disbelief) system we may adhere to; the energy is still present and is received when sent, just like a letter from a lover.


Recent studies by scientific researchers show a strong correlation between our emotional state and our immune system. The mind, body and spirit are one interlinked system, and one cannot be separated from the other. They are a team, totally interactive and cohesive in nature, not some amalgamation of individual systems that operate independently. Our health as human beings may be more of a delicate balancing act than previously thought, with a good energy balance being just as important as a good chemical one.

The ancients have been studying the physical body’s external energy or auric field (auras) and understand that thoughts and emotions can bring about changes to this field. Indeed, one’s health and well being can be seen in one’s auric field, and you can detect illness before it manifests in the body. With the advent of Kirlian photography in the 1930s, we can no longer dispute the existence of such a field. The Menninger Foundation in Kansas and the National Institute of Health in Maryland are actively engaged in the study of these bio-electrical phenomena of Qi with some surprising results.

In fact, it is now known that the human body has a previously unknown entire network of microscopic nerve fibres that permeate every organ and tissue type. They are chemically connected to the pineal gland in the brain. There is measurable electric current in the bloodstream and other tissue not directly related to the nervous system. Until very recently, established medical thinking would not have allowed for the possibility that such things might exist.

The Qi that fuels our activity demands unimpeded free and strong circulation in order to maintain good health in the individual. Disease (acute or chronic) is primarily the result of the body Qi being out-of-balance attributed to Qi related toxins, stagnation, blockages and negative-Qi absorbed by the body. Under these conditions, overall body Qi is weakened and the free flow of Qi is restricted and compromised. This manifests as chronic illness, pain, weakness or swelling.

Medical Qigong practice is a traditional means of allowing and keeping a strong and unimpeded flow of energy in our bodies. Medical Qigong increases Qi absorption, releases Qi related toxins, stagnation and blockages. The practitioner notices the immediate sensations and signs of relaxation and relief of symptoms and diseases. Increased energy for activities is a welcome side effect of the practice. The flow of Qi keeps us limber and develops the flexibility our neuro-muscular systems requires. This easier and freer flow also enlivens us. Medical Qigong is more than simply a supply of energy. It is the most profound way to strengthen the life-force, and to prevent diseases before they even develop.


Conventional medicine treats bodily symptoms while Medical Qigong attempts to resolve energy problems (diseases and afflictions) associated with the body, mind and spirit. Modern medicine tends toward specialization of skills and compartmentalization of treatment. Medical techniques may be wonderful for treating specific symptoms or accomplishing so-called miracles, but often in a dehumanizing way, with side effects almost as bad as the illness itself. Treatment of the whole system - body, mind and spirit - is ultimately the path we must follow. This combination of new scientific techniques and old healing arts is in fact happening as the medical community grudgingly gives acknowledgement and acceptance to many natural folk remedies and energy healing, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (Herbal medicine, Acupuncture, Medical Qigong), previously and disdainfully dismissed as superstitions.

Science is proving, for example, that certain foods and natural herbs offer a wide range of medicinal benefits, some curative, others preventive in nature. The expression, “Take a pill”, is being replaced with “eat a healthier diet and get some exercise”. There is a general feeling of wanting to take back control of our lives, even if we don’t know how or why we lost it. When it is time for a coronary bypass, you definitely need the surgeon trained in Western Medicine techniques, but it is better not to need the bypass.

As we start a new millennium, many are becoming more concerned with deeper questions and probing past the superficial issues of life, becoming more interested in root causes. In terms of illnesses, energy imbalance is the main hidden root cause that is responsible for most of the physical symptoms. There is a growing sense that time is running out and that we must change old habits and perceptions in order to survive.

Unfortunately, there are many of us who are totally shut off from exploring anything new or different, especially something as different as exploring our capacity to feel and work with Qi (energy).

Perhaps illness itself will be less prevalent once we become attuned to harmonize this subtle energy (qi) before the illness has a chance to manifest in the body. With the practice of Medical Qigong, healing of self and others will become the norm.


Having the harmonious high qi vibration within our physical subtle energy body is integral to vibrant health. It can be achieved with daily diligent high level medical healing qigong practices. These practices are simple, non-strenuous and easy to do. Everybody of any age group can practice them to optimize cellular function, integrity, survival, vitality, reduce stress and rejuvenation.

Health is not just lack of symptoms, but being able to exert vitality and optimal cellular function, integrity and survival in all aspects of our cellular existence. The better and higher you can cultivate these subtle energy within the physical subtle energies range, the better is for you to live in harmony and in vibrant health.

One should persue the highest vibration with medical qigong to attain vibrant and health and well-beingness.

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