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Medical Qigong's Healing Efficacy – Why?

julie breton

By Ming Kit Kwan, 2012

The belief that energy is sought by and absorbed in the body and this energy is responsible in a significant way for maintaining good health is a prime concept that has been around for centuries in ancient China and other parts of the world. Ancient Chinese medical qigong practitioners knew that we are energy beings as well as biological machines and discovered that the human body is filled with and sustained by an energetic life force of the Universe. They called this force “qi”. Qi energy is present and flows in literally everything – animate and inanimate.

Chinese medical qigong practitioners have been using medical qigong (qigong means working with energy) to prevent illnesses, to self heal, and to heal others. Well trained and highly practiced medical qigong practitioners have developed clairvoyant abilities by expanding and refining this healing art. They are able to discern energy lines (meridians) and energy points or centers (acupuncture points) and even subtle energies and physical structures inside the human body, and are also able to use energies from certain plants to re-balance the body's energies that are out of balance to restore health. These various phenomena were studied and modified for centuries and were finally integrated about 3,000 years ago into the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system. The TCM system embraces herbal medicine, massage and acupuncture. But, medical qigong and its healing art were still mostly practiced in secrecy until after the Chinese Cultural Revolution in 1970s.

The Chinese government forced medical qigong to be opened to the public, after proving and verifying its multitudinous health benefits by contemporary scientists and medical researchers who confirm resoundingly that medical qigong is effective. The existence of qi has undergone in-depth studies and research in China, it has been demonstrated, verified, duplicated and quantified by scientific instruments.


Qigong has a strong body of experimental and clinical evidence behind it. Since 1982, medical qigong healing became a standard treatment technique used in hospitals and clinics in China. Recently, China introduced dedicated medical qigong hospitals into its medical system, where specially monitored and trained medical qigong healers use their skills to help heal all kinds of illnesses including cancer, immune system disorders as well as life-threatening conditions in conjunction with western medicine. Currently, China is the only country that has integrated both the western (physical) medical system and the Traditional Chinese (energetic) medical system in their healthcare system.


Apparently, every cell in our body is filled with tremendous amount of subtle energies that have escaped detection from existing scientific instruments. Recently, reports in the Western scientific literature have stated that some energy lines can be observed. Quantum scientists are talking about “dancing of energies in the universe and in the body cells”. Science is realizing that the world is not just made of liquids or solids, but also of intangible energies and forces. What we experience as matter is, in actuality, energy moving in stable and predictable patterns. Sometimes, these forces express themselves in material form, but more often they remain outside the realm of our five senses. When Western medicine was developed, they separated the physical body from the other levels of the emotional, the mental and the spiritual body and adopted the mechanistic approach of treating the physical symptoms only without consideration of other levels. In TCM, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels are recognized as inter-connected and inter-dependent.


In the West, the number of ill patients is on the rise and waiting lists for treatment are already very long. The number of chronic diseases that conventional medicine fails to treat successfully seems to become lengthier each year, and the huge amount of money put into medical and scientific research does little to improve the rate of cure for many of these diseases. Using modern equipment and tests, diseases can be diagnosed quickly, but those diseases caused (large percentage) by energetic imbalances still remain undetected with modern instruments, such as CT-scan, MRI etc. Acute diseases, such as heart attacks, ruptured appendix, etc., can be treated rapidly and successfully, however many chronic illnesses remain a major dilemma and 'A HUGE concern'. According to TCM, the reason is that chronic illnesses have their root and cause in the body's energetic system being out of proper balance. If the imbalances are not corrected in a timely manner, physical symptoms will ensue. During a recent interview conducted by Dr. David Suzuki with a leading conventional doctor at Toronto's University Hospital in the CBC documentation film 'Alternative Medicine', this researcher admitted that conventional medicine only treated 10% of diseases successfully and that these are primarily acute conditions.

With my background and medical knowledge as a trained advanced medical laboratory technologist, I realize that both Western and Energetic medicine could complement each other to come up with treatments that will successfully eliminate diseases to benefit the patients as well as to drastically reduce medical care spending Education to the public is essential on energy healing, as most people are still ignorant of the existence of subtle energies in their bodies that is required to sustain health and vitality. Up till now, the subject of subtle energy in the human body is not taught in schools and is generally still ignored by the scientific community and medical profession. But, things are starting to change slowly. People start to get tired of conventional medical treatment not able to cure their continuing progressive chronic diseases but covered only the symptoms. In order to treat a disease successfully, the real root cause must be treated and eliminated. Many of the chronic diseases considered by conventional medicine with unknown origin. But, in fact, the root problem of these diseases are the energy out of balance which cannot be detected or diagnosed by present scientific instruments. Energetic caused diseases can be treated successfully by energetic remedies. More patients start to use energetic medicine for their diseases and have found good success.


There are many types of energy healers. Some are natural healers that are born with this gift, while some are trained energy healers. No matter what, the healing ability and effectiveness of healing depends on the quantity and quality of the energy in the body of the healer. Any one can be trained to become a high level energy healer with the right training. When people get close into range or have physical contact, there will be energy transfer between people. A healer will transfer his/her healing energy to affect the energy of the patient. If the healer is sick, he/she should not give healing as the sick energy can be transfer to the sick patient. On the contrary, the sick patient's energy can transfer to the healer if the healer's energy is naturally lower than the patient, or if during the treatment the healer's own energy is drained. For this reason, a healer should possess deep knowledge to understand how energy treatment works and the importance of knowing his/her the healing level and how to increase it for effectiveness as well as for own protection. A healer's healing level can be lowered if he/she does not know how to sustain own healing level stability. A good healer does not use his/her own energy to heal but channels energy to heal.

Our body is made up of physical structure and substances as well as an immense amount of subtle energies in the cells in the ratio of 1:9. Hence, the abnormality and disharmony of energy causing diseases is about 9 times greater than the physical or substance deficiency or abnormality. This why a large percentage of diseases are caused by energies disharmony or abnormality, known as chronic diseases. The subtle energies in the cells are required to maintain cellular function, integrity and survival. Medical qigong will cultivate high vibration subtle energies in the cells to optimized the function, integrity and survival for strong immune system, vitality, vibrant health and rejuvenation.


Holistically, we are multi-dimensional beings having different levels of energy fields, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual that inter-penetrates the body's energy centers. An emotionally upset person will not think straight, because the emotional imbalance also affects the mental level. If the imbalance becomes powerful enough and not corrected in time, it eventually will manifest as mental disease. You can understand why modern medicine is poor in correcting mental illnesses. Again, the cause is the mental memory energy which is trapped in the body and which cannot be released despite the use of drug treatment.

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